New IPO issues coming soon in India 2021-Latest IPO listing in 2021

Latest IPOs in 2021

A total of 17 IPO had launched in 2020, where only 1 IPO went undersubscribed and 4 of them performed excellently well with more than 150 times over-subscription in NSE, BSE.

It shows that in now-a-days, people used to see IPOs as the option to double their money within the 3-week interval.

The confidence of Indian investors over the IPOs in India is accelerating and what happens in long term is that whenever an IPO comes after such a long time it is obvious to understand that it will be going oversubscribed by the heavy margin instead it is not the kind of YES bank Lt. which is the only 1 under-subscribed in 2020 (0.93).


Everyone wants to have New IPO grey market gains, that is why Mrs. Bector IPO went for 198 times over-subscription. In-fact the IPO effects can be seen on demat accounts also, as India receives record opening of demat account in 2020.

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But now let us talk about Upcoming IPO in 2021 list:

Almost 27-28 IPO are ready for market listing in NSE, BSE where most of IPOs like Zomato, LIC, and Devyani International are the most anticipated IPO of the sessions.

New IPO issues

Following is the list of Upcoming IPO to watch in 2021:

Company Name


Issue Size

DRHP Filling Date

Expected date

Dodla Dairy


800 crores


Approved (23-Apr)

Aadhar Housing

Finance Limited


7300 crores







6000 crores


Approved (06-May)

Shyam Metalics

and Energy Limited


1100 crore



Shriram Properties



800 crores



Rolex Rings



70 crores

17 Apr


Utkarsh Small

Finance Bank Limited


1350 crore



Montecarlo Limited


550 crores



Paras Defence and

Space Technologies



150 crores



Exxaro Tiles Limited


160 crores


Approved (23-Apr)

Jana Small Finance

Bank Limited


1100 crore



Tatva Chintan Pharma


450 crores



Clean Science and

Technology Limited


1400 crore



Krishna Institute of

Medical Science Limited


700 crores


Approved (28-Apr)

G R Infraprojects Limited


1000 crore



Glenmark Life Science



1160 crore



Aditya Birla Sun Life AMC



2000 crore

20- Apr


Seven Islands Shipping


600 crores


Approved (22-Mar)

Chemplast Sanmar



5000 crores



Nuvoco Vistas

Corporation Limited


5000 crores



Fincare Small Finance

Bank Limited


1330 crore



Medi Assist Healthcare

Services Ltd


850 crores



Penna Cement Industries



1550 crore



Arohan Financial



1800 crore


Approved (23-Apr)

Zomato Limited


8250 crores



India Pesticides


800 crores


Approved (30-Apr)

Go Airlines (India)



3600 crores



Devyani International


1400 crore



Dodla dairy SONA BLW Precision Forgingd Ltd.

Dodla dairy is the leader in producing dairy products in South Indian states: The private company mainly deals in 4 South Indian states Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Karnataka, and Tamil Nadu.

The company focused on Expanding its business in India and currently starts exporting dairy products from Uganda, Kenya.

Company is going to raise 800 crores from the IPO, 50 crores is by the fresh share issuance and the 750 crores for Offer for sale (with 10,085,444 shares).

The major promoter holding of the company is in the hands of: TPG Dodla dairy holdings Pvt Ltd., Dodla Sunil Reddy, Dodla Deepa Reddy, & Dodla Family.

Dodla dairy according to DRHP states that their purpose for raising Initial Public Offer is to use to repayment of certain borrowing, Funding capital Expenditure & General corporate purpose.

Company shares will be list in both NSE & BSE, leading managers are Axis Capital & ICICI securities.

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SONA BLW Precision Forgingd Ltd.

Company has filled DRHP on 24-Feb, it gets approved on 06-May according to DRHP filled:

Company is the leading manufacture of OEM Automotive Design, electric powertrain & Non-electric Powertrain. Almost 75% of top=line is generated from the overseas sale where it exports in Europe, China, US.

Company plans to raise 6000 crores from the Initial Public Offering IPOs from which 300 crore is by the fresh issuing and rest of the amount is for the offer for sale at the equity share price of 10.

The retail quota is limited to 10% whereas the rest 15% for NIB investors, according to the New IPO allotment rules by SEBI.

Company’s promoters are Sona Autocorp, Singapore Topco & Sanjay Kapur.

The objective for IPO is repayment of the short-term obligations, and general corporate purpose.

Exxaro Tiles Limited

Exxaro Tiles Limited is the leading manufacture of vertified tiles in India, the company has excellent cross complete coverage with 2000+ dealers in over 27 states. Company is covering the big chunks players in his field with clients like, Amul, Patanjali, Lodha, Welpsun, Baps, Rajhas, Samsung, Parvankara, etc.

The key promoters are Dineshbhai Patel, Mukeshkumar Patel, Rameshbhai Patel and Kirankumar Patel.

The company is going to raise a total of 160 crores & an offer with 35% quota reserved for retail investors, 50% for qualified institutional investors and the rest 15% for non-institutional investors.

Mr. Dixitkumar Patel shareholding will be going for offer for sale, which is 60% of the total issuing of IPO, rest 40% for fresh issue of share in stock market.

Krishna Institute of Medical Science

Krishna Institute of Medical Science is one of the fastest growing medical chain hospitals with most of the business operational in Telangana & Andhra Pradesh, the private company has 9 Multi-speciality hospitals with 3,064 beds and 2,500 beds for operational purposes.

Krishna Institute of Medical Science is the chain of super-speciality hospital with facilities such as cardiac science, Neurosciences, oncology, gastric sciences, renal science & mother & childcare.

The IPO will raise 700 crores from the public offer, with 200 crores reserved for fresh issue and 500 crores on offer for sale, the shares of the company will be listed in both stock exchange NSE as well as the BSE.

Seven Islands Shipping

Seven Islands shipping is the seaborne logistics business started in 2003 which has almost 20 Indian flagged and 20 Indian owned acquired liquid cargo vessels. The company till date has sold 20 liquid cargo vessels and has acquired 40 liquid cargo vessels.

Seven Islands shipping has got the SEBI approval for raising 600 crores through IPO where 400 crores will be raised through the fresh issuing and 200 crores is limited for Offer for sale. 50% of OFS will be released by the Mauritius Investments, 43.82% by Thomas Welfred Pinto and rest 7.18% to Leena Metylda Pinto.

Arohan Financial Services

Arohan Financial services is the lending agency which works in MSME section also, the company as on 30 September 2020 has lender to 2.21 million borrowers and have 710 branches in 11 states for lending MSME business.

Arohan Financial Services gets the SEBI approval of 1800 crore where 850 crores are requested for fresh issuing and rest for offer for sale, 50% of the IPO is reserved for qualified institutional investors, 35% for non-qualified institutional investors and 15% for retail in addition to this company is planning to raise from reserved section of 5% of total offer from employee’s unit. The company may have a pre-IPO placement of 150 crores through merchant bankers.

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India Pesticides

India pesticides is a R&D driven agro-chemical manufacture of technical with 19,600 MT agro-chemical manufactured, 6,500 MT in operation till date.

The company got the SEBI approval for 800 crores of IPO where 100 crores will be fresh issuing and 700 crores from OFS. The company may have Pre-IPO placement of 75 crores.

Company has outstanding customers like industry leader:

  • UPL
  • Syngenta Asia Pacific Pte,
  • Sharda Crop-chemical, Ascenza Agro.

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