Dolly Khanna portfolio 2021-Dolly Khanna latest portfolio June 2021

Dolly Khanna portfolio 2021-Dolly Khanna latest portfolio June 2021

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Total amount









Rain Industries







KCP Ltd.







Neuland Laboratories Ltd.







Butterfly Gandhimathi Appliances Ltd.







Nucleus Software Exports Ltd.







Mangalore Chemicals &

Fertilizers Ltd.







NCL Industries Ltd.







Asahi Songwon Colors Ltd.







Talbros Automotive Components Ltd.








Dolly Khanna Latest Portfolio (June 2021)

Rain Industries

Rain Industries Limited (RIL) is one of the world's driving makers of calcined oil coke, coal tar pitch, and other top-notch fundamental and strength synthetic compounds. The gathering keeps on developing through limit extensions, and consolidations, and acquisitions across the world.

The company's most revenue comes from three primary sources,

  • Carbon
  • Advanced materials
  • Cement

The carbon business contributes 75% of the total top-line of the company, whereas 15% and 10% come from advanced materials and types of cement, respectively.

Mr. Rajiv Khanna is known for his exit timing, and he first invested in RIL in June 2018, where he supported 1.8% of the company's partnership.

Afterward, their investment has shown systematic increments and decrements in investment according to the market sentiments.

Likewise, Dolly Khanna increased her portfolio weightage in RIL when it was available at an undervaluation.

Now the couples are holding 1.3% stakes in RIL, which is 84.3 cr which is 33% of his total portfolio weightage if <1% investment have been neglected.

KCP Ltd.

KCP is a differentiated $50 million business bunch interested in weighty designing, sugar, concrete, hydel power, data innovation, and biotechnology.

KCP has effectively planned and fabricated a versatile dispatch platform MLP (Mobile launch platform) for the Indian Space Research Organization's (ISRO) Satish Dhavan Space Center.

It is on such stages that the vehicles will convey the distant detecting satellites and correspondence satellites.

KCP Ltd., on this scale, has set up a technology-driven platform and can run hand in hand with government support.

Dolly Khanna and Rajiv Khanna added KCP Ltd. into Dolly Khanna's portfolio in 2020.

In September 2020, they incremented their stakes in the company, from 2.3% to 3.3%, which shows that they are sure about its growth.

Neuland Laboratories Ltd.

Neuland Laboratories is one of the largest makers of (APIs) Active pharmaceutical drugs and start to finish science-related arrangements supplier for the drug business.

Neuland centers simply around serving the world's drug firms with API assembling and agreement research and assembling administrations.

Neuland laboratories are one of the latest in Dolly Khanna's portfolio June 2021, which she added for straight-forward 1.3% with a portfolio amounting to 32.4 crores.

Butterfly Gandhimati Appliances Ltd.

The organization was incorporated in the year 1986 predominantly as an export-import concern. The Business creates LPG ovens and Geysers. This was trailed by the business creation of Mixer/Grinders from October 1989.

The Business deals with Home electrical Appliances, like OWENS, GEYSERS.

Dolly Khanna portfolio added Butterfly Gandhimathi Appliances in March 2018, with a 1.0% partnership into electrical appliances company.

Mangalore Chemicals & Fertilizers Ltd.

Mangalore Chemicals are into the Business of fertilizers, plant nutrition products, and plant protection chemicals. They are India's most prominent and the finest producer of fertilizers.

The company is one of the largest producers of both nitrogenous and phosphate fertilizers in Karnataka, the company currently trading at Rs. 84, and nation-wide competitor are:

  • UPL
  • PI Industries
  • Coromandel International
  • Bayer CropScience
  • Sumitomo India
  • Chambal Fertilizers and chemicals

Rajiv Khanna and Dolly Khanna portfolio June 2021 shows portfolio weightage 17 crores for this stock, for 1.7% ownership in the company.

Rajiv Khanna and Dolly Khanna always pick a high potential stock and is less known to everyone in the market.

Asahi Songwon Colors Ltd.

Asahi Songwon Colors Ltd. is one of the most significant players Indian Pigment industry and plans to become a primary producer of shades throughout the planet.

The organization is the producer of CPC Beta Blue and Blue Crude, sending out generous creations to driving MNCs throughout the planet because of the nature of its items.

The portfolio of Dolly Khanna shows that the couples had made their investment in Asahi Songwon Colors Ltd. for the amount of 6.6 crores, where their portfolio stakes in for 1.6%.

How Dolly Khanna invest?

Dolly Khanna portfolio for a very long time is managed by her husband, Mr. Rajiv Khanna, who had graduated from IIT Madras (Chemical Engineering).

Rajiv Khanna is a growth investor, and he likes to invest in small-cap and micro-cap businesses, which is reflected in his portfolio.

Rajiv Khanna had learned the art of peaceful investing by investing and learning from his own mistakes. He had practiced investing for eight straight years before having the proper blueprint for investing like a legend and building a good Dolly Khanna portfolio.

Rajiv Khanna is a growth investor, so while investing in any business, he does his growth analysis first and then decides whether to invest in it or not.

Both Rajiv Khanna and Dolly Khanna use to see their investment as purchasing the whole Business, which left them with no mistake in analyzing the Business.

Rajiv Khanna follows Peter Lynch and follows his principle of 

"Invest in what you understand."

Rajiv Khanna analyses the type of products he uses daily and then invests in it after his business analysis.

Dolly Khanna success story

Dolly Khanna portfolio in 2021, worth more than 250 crores; let's not forget that these are the investment which is for 1% investment.

Dolly Khanna success story is more or less a success story of Mr. Rajiv Khanna, who is graduated from IIT Madras from Chemical Engineering; he started his career with Jagatjit Industries, 

Khanna then shifted to ICI Ltd. in the explosive department as a research person.

Rajiv Khanna always have Business in mind; he always wanted to make some efforts in Business,

So, Mr. Rajiv left the job, started Kwality Ice Cream, and then sold Kwality Ice Cream to HUL IN 1995.

After having experience in Business, he started learning and reading about stock market investing in 1996 and slowly and gradually achieving success in it.

The amount earned from selling his Business to HUL, Rajiv Khanna had invested the amount in his company Milk & Milk products in the stock market in real estate.

After 7-8 years of struggle, he developed investment skills. In between, they commit losses and learned from those mistakes.

Rajiv Khanna says Business is his profession, and investing in the stock market is a hobby.

Instead of being such a stock market superstar, he likes to stay away from media,

In fact, for many years, no one knows who is Dolly Khanna and Rajiv Khanna.

What is Dolly Khanna Networth?

According to the recent Dolly Khanna portfolio (June 2021), her portfolio worth more than 250 crores; these are the business investments for more than 1% investment.

By evaluating the actual value of Dolly Khanna portfolio, it may be worth more than 500 crores because the portfolio had achieved that figure in the past; in 2018, when small caps and micro-caps are booming, their stock portfolio touched 500 crores.

Anyone who has a little bit of knowledge about the stock market knows how to diversify his portfolio, which is the case if the investor is Rajiv Khanna.

What can you learn from Rajiv Khanna?

There's a lot of things which you can pick from this article; Rajiv Khanna is a legend in stock holding, his age had crossed the 72 marks, yet he is investing in the stock market, this shows he likes to invest in the stock market.

Patience: Rajiv Khanna's patience drives him to a multi-bagger investor. His patience while buying Nilkamal at 196 to holding it to 1976 and booking a return of over 900% is the best example of his patience.

Invest in what you understand: Khanna's daughter uses the products of Femcare, a cosmetics company. He does his growth analysis on the company and later invest in it.

Most billionaire investors also recommend this to young and novice investors.

Perfect Exit: Perfect exit is necessary for each investment; Satyam Computers is one of Rajiv Khanna's life-changing investments, where he had invested Rs.5 lakhs when the share was at Rs.1 and converted that five lakhs into 25 crores just before the dot-com bubble burst.

Treat it like a business: You are never going to sell your Business in the next one month /1 year of starting, same is with the case of investing; you have to trust your analysis skills, management, and short-term market sentiment to make money in the market.

Khanna's have the idea of doing Business and treating their investment as the Business. That is why they are perfect in this skill.

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