Vijay Kedia Portfolio||Vijay Kedia portfolio 2021

 Vijay Kedia Latest Portfolio 2021

Stock Name


Holding amt.

Holding Qty.



Dec 20



Tejas Networks Ltd.


87.7 Cr

50 L




Sudarshan Chemical Industries Ltd.


69.1 Cr

10 L




Cera Sanityware Ltd.


58.8 Cr





Vaibhav Global Ltd.


48.5 Cr

6 L




Neuland Laboratories Ltd


41.5 Cr

2 L




Repro India Ltd.


34.3 Cr





Ramco Systems Ltd.


27.8 Cr





Everest Indistries Ltd.


23.3 Cr





Heritage Foods Ltd.


22.4 Cr





Affordable Robotics & Automation Ltd.


15.7 Cr





Cheviot Company Ltd.


12.5 Cr





Innovators Fa├žade Systems Ltd.


7.5 Cr





Atul Auto Ltd.


6.2 Cr





Lykis Ltd.


6.0 Cr





Panasonic Energy India Company Ltd.


2.4 Cr





 Vijay Kedia is an ace investor in the Indian Stock market, and Vijay Kedia portfolio 2021 revolves around innovations and creative management.

Vijay Kedia Latest Portfolio involves Tejas Networks Ltd, Ramco Systems Ltd, Affordable Robotics, and Automation Ltd.

Portfolio of Vijay Kedia is diversified in several fields: home needs, innovations, AI-based start-ups, green energy, etc.

Vijay Kedia Portfolio||Vijay Kedia portfolio 2021

Vijay Kedia Investment Portfolio

Vijay Kishanlal Kedia has known for his small portfolio multi-bagger returns; his leading portfolio, which has not more than ten stocks, has given unexpected returns from nowhere.

His investing strategy is so simple, but he keeps telling his audience that it's not easy.

"My investing strategy is simple but not easy."

He has his investing philosophy, i.e., SMILE philosophy,

  • SMALL in size
  • MEDIUM in experience
  • LARGE in aspiration
  • EXTRA-LARGE market potential

In one interview with quint, he said that he neither looks for ROC, ROCE, EPS anything, still. His selected companies manage to get over 100x returns, remember not 100% it's 100 times returns.

Like Porinju Veliyath, he also picks "Bhangar stocks" as they have high growth potential.

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Vijay Kedia Portfolio is more on investing rather than trading; according to him, trading can make you build profits every day, but one day, all profits will be a whitewash, and that one day will come.

Kedia finds luck mandatory to achieve something extraordinary, and he says that you can't make handsome profits in the stock market without luck.

Vijay Kedia Portfolio||Vijay Kedia portfolio 2021

Some of the points from his investing style are:

  • Luck plays an important role
  • He believes the stock market is risky
  • Risk and greed are two different things
  • Risk guides you to superiority
  • Don't be greedy in market
  • Don't invest in becoming crorepati overnight
  • Courage is vital
  • Treat the stock market like a business
  • Business takes time to grow
  • Investing is far better than trading
  • Invest with the money you don't need in 10 years
  • While investing, you must have a backup plan

Vijay Kedia Famous Quotes

Vijay Kedia has written a famous portfolio quote that describes his investing style are-

"Knowledge, Courage and Patience plays the trick."

In his starting days, Vijay was massively engaged in getting educated in the stock market; by courage, he describes his intentions in the market where he had invested in the stock market with his Germany flight ticket.

According to Vijay Kedia, patience is a necessary need in a securities market where you can't make profits overnight; as he said

"Don't buy a share with the intent to buy bread."

By saying this he means, you have to pick the companies which have huge growth potential, don't buy the company with the short-term view on it. He says at least wait for 10-15 years to enjoy the full benefits of the company's growth.

Vijay Kedia Portfolio||Vijay Kedia portfolio 2021
"Rome was not build in a day, but Hiroshima and Nagasaki for sure be destroyed in a day."

Again Vijay Kedia wants you to have patience in the market while investing in it, treat the stock as the business, how can you take money out of business in just 1-2 months.

Every business needs time to grow, irrespective of the short-term difficulties it is facing currently.

Vijay Kedia Success story

Vijay Kedia loves to learn about the stock market; he finds him lucky to be born in a stock-broking family.

Vijay, from early childhood, start investing in the stock market and discussing stocks with his grandfather, but then soon his father passed away, and his life changed suddenly turn.

Irrespective of the difficulties in his life, he never stops learning in the market because he believes that the stock market is his first love.

Due to financial limits, he had to join his family business of stock-broking, which he didn't like at all. There he gets to know about binding terms in the stock market.

On the becoming 19, he starts investing in the share market; during 1-2 years of investing, he gained good profits in the market, but then things turned around, and he started booking wealth loss.

He describes his early days in the stock market. He started with little money when the target was achieved, he booked his profits and freshly invested in sum amount, and repetitively doing this until all profits covered up with losses.

He started with trading, but then after huge losses, he realized that trading is not meant for wealth makers; you make a profit every afternoon, but then one day come and square off all your profits.

After having huge losses, he started selling garden material to Kolkata based business owner, but soon and late, he comes back to the stock market again. 

But this time, with the intent to not look for trading, instead of trading, he prefers investing.

In 1990, the Indian stock market was settling its base, so no solid medium is present to learn about the stock market, and most of the ace investors don't tell about their investing plans.

So he learns by hit and trial in the stock market, where he commits a mistake in the stock market and learns from them.

Instead of putting himself at risk, he also learns from other mistakes, and Like one time, his friend lost his wealth in the company because he picks up the company whose P/E ratio is trading exceptionally high.

So, he analyses the company and finds that the company had performed wrong because of its high P/E ratio.

He also tries to observe the management of excellent and successful companies. He illustrates this with an example, where he says,

"Assume highway as company growth, car as the company, passenger as shareholders, and driver as management, So even if the car is Alto, but driver is trained he is going to take car a long way, but if car is Mercedeez and driver is noob then there is no match."

Vijay Kedia Latest portfolio

Vijay Kedia, in his latest portfolio has generated multi-bagger returns, Vijay is an exemplary practitioner of investing; that is why he loves to buys shares that should have a story associated with the business and have not grown up as a blue-chip.

Vijay identifies a company with good management and then holds it for 10-15 years or sometimes more than that.

Punjab Tractors, ACC, Cera Sanitaryware, Atul Auto, Karnataka Bank, and Sudarshan Chemicals are his examples.

Punjab Tractors

He had invested Rs.35,000 in Punjab Tractors, and with his good analytical skills, he converted Rs.35,000 into Rs.1.5 Lakhs.

It was his first investment, and he believes that he should have to hold it for at least five years.


ACC is the stock that gives a boom to Vijay Kedia net-worth, where he bought ACC at Rs.300 and exited at Rs.3000, which is almost ten times.

After squaring off and booking profits from ACC, his net-worth goes to 400 crores, a turning point in investing for anyone.

His analytical and computation can be seen from his investment in ACC, where just after his exit, ACC comes down to Rs.100.

Cera, Atul Auto

Cera Sanitaryware is his 3rd biggest and successful investment, where he was able to drag his profits to 100x. Cera is one stock that has been still for almost five years, but Vijay sticks to his basics and skills and doesn't sell it.

Similar to Cera, Vijay had bought Atul Auto in massive quantity with averaging Rs.5-10. The shares didn't move till ten years, but Vijay stick to it, and in 12 years, Atul Auto crossed Rs.500 mark, and Kedia's patience pays off.

Aegis Logistics

He bought Aegis Logistics at Rs.14 and sold it at Rs.500 with crossing over 4000% returns on unknown shares.

Aegis Logistics had remained the best stock which Vijay has picked in his life, irrespective of Atul Auto, whose Promoter is himself Vijay Kedia.

Sudarshan Chemicals

In 2014, Vijay bet on Sudarshan Chemicals at Rs.42, averaging, and he said he was unsure about his buy call on Sudarshan Chemicals.

Then In 2017, suddenly Sudarshan Chemicals roses and touches the 400 marks, and as of now, in June 2021, Sudarshan Chemical is trading above Rs.700.

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